Saturday, March 27, 2010

XenServer Install: Adding a local ISO storage

This is my last post for now, regarding XenServer installation. After this blog you should be able to start installing your first VM.

First of all I want to warn you that there is limited storage space on the xenserver it self, so I recommend setting up a samba server where you put all the iso images and then map the samba share as a ISO Repos.

Login to your Xenserver with ssh and create a iso folder
mkdir -p /var/opt/xen/iso_import
then I copy my net install version of debian over (this is done from the machine you download the image to. It will copy the file over ssh)
scp root@:/var/opt/xen/iso_import
Then I create the ISO store like this
xe sr-create name-label="myLocal ISO" type=iso device-config:location=/var/opt/xen/iso_import/ device-config:legacy_mode=true content-type=iso
Then verify that the ISO is added:

xe vdi-list

Expected output should be something like this:

uuid ( RO)                : 71ee9aae-906e-4002-bbdd-8802132e71b0
          name-label ( RW):

    name-description ( RW):
             sr-uuid ( RO): 020842d0-5df0-55a6-906f-2e21e17adc39
        virtual-size ( RO): 137832448
            sharable ( RO): false
           read-only ( RO): true

Thats it. Then you can go ahead and create your first VM machine.

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